Hand-tossed pizzas and homemade sauces, let our family cook for you.

About Us

When you walk into the Italian Carry Out, or ICO, on South hill, you’ll notice a large six-person table in the middle of the dining area among a bunch of smaller ones. It’s easy to imagine a big group of family or friends grouped around the tables with heaping plates of food on the tabletop. That feeling of warmth and family-inspired comfort food is what drives the three siblings, Christina, Tyler & Mike, to share their family’s culture with everyone that passes through the doors of ICO.

The Italian Carry Out was originally opened on Meadow Street in 1967 by the Lucatelli family. In March of 2002, Joe Salino and his brother Todd, with the permission of the Lucatelli family, decided to reopen the Italian Carry Out at 1070 Danby Road to bring back one of Ithaca’s favorites. Joe Salino passed away in 2010. The family’s ownership and traditions are continued today by Joe’s wife, Maria, and their three children, Christina, Tyler and Michael.  Jeanne, Joe’s mother, or more often referred to as Nana, has helped cook her famous tomato sauce and meatballs since the doors opened in 2002.  With the help of Nana and Maria’s traditional recipes and the rest of the family’s willingness to explore new menu items, the Italian Carry Out has something for everyone.

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